Like Riding a Bicycle has participated in exhibitions and public events including: Downstreet Arts in North Adams, MA; Coop Gallery in Nashville, TN; Indiana State University in Terra Haute, IN; Greenway Glow in Minneapolis, MN; the Hornell Community Arts Center in Hornell, NY; and Causeway Challenge in Chattanooga, TN.

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Brett Hunter + Katie Hargrave
© 2016

KATIE HARGRAVE is an artist and educator based in Chattanooga, TN. Originally from Chicago, IL, Hargrave received a MFA in Intermedia from the University of Iowa, a MA in Cultural Production from Brandeis University, and a BFA in Art History and Painting from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Beyond Like Riding a Bicycle, Hargrave is a member of the Think Tank that has yet to be named and also maintains an individual studio practice in Chattanooga. She’s been riding bikes all her life, though now that she lives in the mountains, her bike has a lot more gears.

BRETT HUNTER is an artist, educator, and facilitator living in Hornell, NY. He received BA in History and Art from Kalamazoo College in Michigan and an MFA in Sculpture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He is currently the co-director of the Hornell Community Arts Center and co-founder (with Angie To) of Broadway Union, an arts programing organization and set of physical spaces dedicated to linking artists and their work with the varied communities of Hornell, supporting committed citizens and their role in shaping the places they live. He thinks far too much about bikes and would much rather pedal up than coast down.